Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Bitch Is Back!

LOL - who am I kidding. I'm really busy with real life stuff so sometimes I don't always have times to check Stardoll. But, I will probably be on a little bit more often, and updating this blog.

This blog is all me - all the time. So, let's begin.

I was looking around in Starplaza - you know how I do ;) - and I came across some new clothing.
-Cough- Some shoes that don't fit & some other interesting things. I did like some things but not everything looked the best of the best, and baby I like the best.

(Click it to enlarge? I think!)

Ok so, a chain-link thing-a-ma-bob; shoes that don't fit; snow boots in the fall; a furry vest (O_O); spider web-esque pumps. - Scary, yes.
The blue satin-like shoes that are flats are very cute. I'd wear them!

I think those outfits speak for themselves. But! Just in case you can't hear them, let me explain.

1. Chain-link thing thing - um, if you can pull it off - be my guest. But I know it's a bit, naughty, hm?

2. Shoes that don't fit - Um, there both kind of cute. How come they don't fit!? Or.. maybe its just me...? Is there some new kind of shoe size feet size?

3. Snow boots - I'm not gonna lie, there actually kind of cute. Depending on what you through them on with. But it's fall. Lol, come to think of it, that doesn't stop people from wearing Uggs in the summer.

4. Furry Vest - Where's PETA or whoever people that rather go naked then wear fur!?!?!?

5. Spider web like pumps - Oh lord. Spiderman was trying his designing skills & it didn't turn out very well..

6. Satin ribbon like flats - Really cute! I wanna see what types of outfits they may go with! From skinny jeans, to skirts, it'll look cute either way.

OK - so there you have it. Zaria's own opinions on these fashion faux-pas. !! :)

Comment, I wanna know what you think!