Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pearls or Piegeons

Now, I've seen a lot of competitions, I didn't really play a role in any, but I've seen. So, there's a new competition coming to Stardoll and, baby, I am excited to see!
The banner above was made by Hunnigall- correct? - & let me tell you, it's great.
I believe the competiton begins October 4, 2009 - Sunday - & I wonder what's gonna go down. Can't wait!
x's Zaria

Saturday, September 26, 2009

October Hot Buys.

Well, as you know - I'm not a Superstar any longer, so I shouldn't be very excited about Hotbuys that are usally only for Superstars.

Eh, doesn't matter. I can still talk about the Hotbuys & my opinions. So, lets begin!

[ Click to enlarge? ]

So, I basically like everything. Cute cute. But, undies? Far fetched, eh?

Miss Sixty

Ok so first off - somethings wrong with blogger & it won't like, allow me to have line breaks or whatever. So, Blogger work with me PLEASE.

Anyway, Stardoll has a new shop called Miss Sixty, which I think is.. rather interesting. There's a couple of clothers that I like. There the 'floral' shorts, I think there high waisted, too. But, it'll look better with a plain, classic fitted white tank. And tuck it in & bam, a cute quick look. Very sexy & chic.

And, hm... I don't really like anything else. NO NO! The deep V neck playsuit is really cute. A bit revealing, but cute.

What do you like about Miss Sixty? I wanna know! :)

Bon Appetit!

Hey, guys, Zaria here! Guess what - there's a magazine coming to town, and baby it isn't no plain ole' model model fashion fashion magazine. Because, we all know there's a lot of those around, right?

It's going to be Stardoll's 1st ever gastronomy magazine. I'm excited to see, woot.
To check out the sites blog go to -
Or for the magazine website go to -

I'm excited to see what Ms. Brigitte & Theshinystar can whip up! ;)

Different Day, Different Medoll

This is probably the first time I tried some type of, shading? on my MeDoll.

I usally just went for the simple black, or black & white eyeliner & some long lashes. But not today, I felt different today! I saw this magazine & they had some colors on the eyes and I decided to follow that look.

First, I was going to try black, pink & white. But I decided to go with a soft green, white & black!
To top the look off, I added some pink lips & cute earrings & a nice broch - but wore it as a hairclip. Zaria - 10 You - 0! Lol, just joking. ButI just like this look, tomorrow I'll try purple or teal blue. Depends!

So, opinions?

Really, now?

Above, is todays covergirl.
Failllllllll x 10.
Did Stardoll REALLY just allow some cat eyed girl be covergirl? I'm speechless. I know - for sure - that there are prettier girls that had votes, too just like her. But, its whatever.
In other news, I'm looking for affiliates. I want to be in partnership with other blogs so both blogs can get views & such. I will be adding more graphics & all to the site in a few when I get the time. So if you want to be an affiliate, just contact me through p.m on Stardoll. And you or I can whip up a little graphic thing that people can click & be led to your site.
This is gonna be good.

Don't forget to post a comment & follow the blog! :)

Lucious New Lips!

Zaria here, and just telling you all some new stuff.

Mk, so I'm noticing this blog isn't so peppy, so that's why I want new writers! But now, I'll need to get StardollReport involved into this. I will be updating StardollReport & will be looking for, I don't know, correspondents! We'll see how this will be worked out. So, let me just cut to the main topic.

So, while tryingto give my Medoll a new edgy, glam look, I found some very interesting lips.

(The new lips are boxed!)

There kind of, flat & angry like -- but they do have a hint of gloss, which is always fabulous & cute! But, hey, not my thing.

If you can work them, I want to see! Because, I'm a very interested person.

So I will be looking for writers in my club & on StardollReport.

Leave a comment & give me some feedback! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Bitch Is Back!

LOL - who am I kidding. I'm really busy with real life stuff so sometimes I don't always have times to check Stardoll. But, I will probably be on a little bit more often, and updating this blog.

This blog is all me - all the time. So, let's begin.

I was looking around in Starplaza - you know how I do ;) - and I came across some new clothing.
-Cough- Some shoes that don't fit & some other interesting things. I did like some things but not everything looked the best of the best, and baby I like the best.

(Click it to enlarge? I think!)

Ok so, a chain-link thing-a-ma-bob; shoes that don't fit; snow boots in the fall; a furry vest (O_O); spider web-esque pumps. - Scary, yes.
The blue satin-like shoes that are flats are very cute. I'd wear them!

I think those outfits speak for themselves. But! Just in case you can't hear them, let me explain.

1. Chain-link thing thing - um, if you can pull it off - be my guest. But I know it's a bit, naughty, hm?

2. Shoes that don't fit - Um, there both kind of cute. How come they don't fit!? Or.. maybe its just me...? Is there some new kind of shoe size feet size?

3. Snow boots - I'm not gonna lie, there actually kind of cute. Depending on what you through them on with. But it's fall. Lol, come to think of it, that doesn't stop people from wearing Uggs in the summer.

4. Furry Vest - Where's PETA or whoever people that rather go naked then wear fur!?!?!?

5. Spider web like pumps - Oh lord. Spiderman was trying his designing skills & it didn't turn out very well..

6. Satin ribbon like flats - Really cute! I wanna see what types of outfits they may go with! From skinny jeans, to skirts, it'll look cute either way.

OK - so there you have it. Zaria's own opinions on these fashion faux-pas. !! :)

Comment, I wanna know what you think!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Banner.

Thank you Lollipop457 (Ashley) for making our lovely new banner. :)

Stardoll Sister Clubs!

Hey all, time I post again. I've been looking around at clubs & someone offered to me that me & her should have Sister Clubs I really like this idea! I went through with it & so, sister clubs. So let me do a little advertisement for all the clubs.

  1. Search Nitro & join her club RunwayGirls2009
  2. Go to my page (XxXZariaXxX) & join club Makeup-Freaks
  3. Search mo_money(under new own) & join both her clubs - V.Cliques & Diamond-Clique
I can make you apart of my sister-clubs. Thanks for reading :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Hairstyles?

Hola chickas! Zaria here. I was just looking around clubs & posts, and found some girls wearing a lovely new hairstyle. Of course, I had to investigate! So, here are the new hairstyles. :)

Wow - is basically all I can say. I actually like 3, others, not so much. They can work for the males of Stardoll. Anyway, the first two hair styles is something I'd wear, hopefully able to pull off. Then the middle one in the last section is cute! I'm actually wearing it right now & in a different color - brown is for me now. Anyway, 

What are your opinions on these new hairstyles?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow, thanks Stardoll...

For getting my hopes up! I actually went to my messages expecting that one of my friends sent me one. Nope, instead, I found a blank message, supposedly being a 'Stardoll Newsletter'. Is it just me? (If so, why does Stardoll torture me!!!) If you got this too, leave a comment & let me know.

Really now? Leave comments!

Do I sense a spoiler?

Spoiler mofucking ALERT!!!

Hola divadolls, Zaria here! Anyway, I was bored & found some spoiler sneak-peeks. I'm not sure, but I found some clothing that MIGHT'VE not been out. There really cool & funky.

[Click to enlarge]

I like. A nice simple white dress that will go great against any skintone! And, funky one pieces & a little top. I see Stardoll has a thing for the criss-cross straps. And I love the polka dots. Not sure what I'll actually wear it for, but it's something that'll be hanging in my closet.

What's your opinion on this? Comment!!

Stardoll - Getting Fixed Up?

Alert the presses, divadolls - Stardoll has fixed up some pages! That's right, lovelies - the 'Find Friends', Visitors, Clubs page of the site has been REVAMPED! A new look, that I personally like. I'm not sure about everyone else though. Remember, click the pictures to enlarge!

What do you think about the new change?
Leave a comment & let me know!!

Back in Business.

Stardollicious back from hiatus? Yes, it's back! The not-too-popular blog is back. Along with the fabulous chicka Zaria who took a break from Stardoll. Back with everything that you need. Get your daily stardoll gossip fix here! It's waiting for you.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free LE Brand PENDENT!

[click to enlarge]

It should be in your mailbox with the title, "Hey chic shopper!"

NEWSFLASH, visit and search for the meaning of Stardoll.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Soon to come,

..... Soon to be on the blog is a picture of ME!(You could always ask for my Myspace link)

I am going to do a tour of my house. Cause a lot of people do that. SO, I guess I'm going to be a follower. And I would've made a fashion blog to show what I wear everyday, but all I wear to school everyday is the effinq manditory uniform. I look cute though. :)




English PLEASE!

For some VERY odd reason, my Stardoll chat box is in Dutch. I think.... Cause, the only language I know is English & Spanish. Not flahackurbaergina. Lol.

Ok, anyway, wtf why is my Chatbox in EFFING[I'm turning over a new leaf, no cursing!] DUTCH. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLOW. Stardoll does it effing look like I know Dutch. Grrrrr...

Monday, February 9, 2009


I attempted to fix up the blog. New layout + new header = your opinion!
I need feedback, so leave a comment and tell me what you think about everything.

I know, I know, the graphic isn't the best. And the arm looks a little fat.
But, I'm an ametuer at that so be easy so now for the beloved question:

Comments please!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Confession!!

Oh man. So many of you probably heard of the crazy Chocolate.War who goes around starting random trouble for her entertainment. So there was a picture on Tinypic. <----Link

Or if you don't wanna waste your time, just look.

[click to enlarge]

I'm about 55% sure its edited. Idk why, but it looks edited.

Ooh, Art!

I was searching for games, it didn't return in a good search.

So I spoke to a friend of mine over the phone and she told me about a website called Bomomo.

Odd name right? But trust its really cool.

[click to enlarge]

I made that! WHOOT. So visit the site and if you make art, upload it to tinypic and put the URL in a comment. Please, feedback is the BEST!!!! <-----Thats the site.

About Stardollicious

Hey everyone. This is my third and last blog. I decided to go for a more fashion approach and also gossip. I will post secret ways to get certain things, tips and everything. Please don't be afriad to ask to become a writer.

The website is going under MAJOR constuction.

And most posts will be filled with pictures! YAY.

Ok xoxo, Zaria :)