Friday, July 17, 2009

New Banner.

Thank you Lollipop457 (Ashley) for making our lovely new banner. :)

Stardoll Sister Clubs!

Hey all, time I post again. I've been looking around at clubs & someone offered to me that me & her should have Sister Clubs I really like this idea! I went through with it & so, sister clubs. So let me do a little advertisement for all the clubs.

  1. Search Nitro & join her club RunwayGirls2009
  2. Go to my page (XxXZariaXxX) & join club Makeup-Freaks
  3. Search mo_money(under new own) & join both her clubs - V.Cliques & Diamond-Clique
I can make you apart of my sister-clubs. Thanks for reading :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Hairstyles?

Hola chickas! Zaria here. I was just looking around clubs & posts, and found some girls wearing a lovely new hairstyle. Of course, I had to investigate! So, here are the new hairstyles. :)

Wow - is basically all I can say. I actually like 3, others, not so much. They can work for the males of Stardoll. Anyway, the first two hair styles is something I'd wear, hopefully able to pull off. Then the middle one in the last section is cute! I'm actually wearing it right now & in a different color - brown is for me now. Anyway, 

What are your opinions on these new hairstyles?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow, thanks Stardoll...

For getting my hopes up! I actually went to my messages expecting that one of my friends sent me one. Nope, instead, I found a blank message, supposedly being a 'Stardoll Newsletter'. Is it just me? (If so, why does Stardoll torture me!!!) If you got this too, leave a comment & let me know.

Really now? Leave comments!

Do I sense a spoiler?

Spoiler mofucking ALERT!!!

Hola divadolls, Zaria here! Anyway, I was bored & found some spoiler sneak-peeks. I'm not sure, but I found some clothing that MIGHT'VE not been out. There really cool & funky.

[Click to enlarge]

I like. A nice simple white dress that will go great against any skintone! And, funky one pieces & a little top. I see Stardoll has a thing for the criss-cross straps. And I love the polka dots. Not sure what I'll actually wear it for, but it's something that'll be hanging in my closet.

What's your opinion on this? Comment!!

Stardoll - Getting Fixed Up?

Alert the presses, divadolls - Stardoll has fixed up some pages! That's right, lovelies - the 'Find Friends', Visitors, Clubs page of the site has been REVAMPED! A new look, that I personally like. I'm not sure about everyone else though. Remember, click the pictures to enlarge!

What do you think about the new change?
Leave a comment & let me know!!

Back in Business.

Stardollicious back from hiatus? Yes, it's back! The not-too-popular blog is back. Along with the fabulous chicka Zaria who took a break from Stardoll. Back with everything that you need. Get your daily stardoll gossip fix here! It's waiting for you.