Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pearls or Piegeons

Now, I've seen a lot of competitions, I didn't really play a role in any, but I've seen. So, there's a new competition coming to Stardoll and, baby, I am excited to see!
The banner above was made by Hunnigall- correct? - & let me tell you, it's great.
I believe the competiton begins October 4, 2009 - Sunday - & I wonder what's gonna go down. Can't wait!
x's Zaria

Saturday, September 26, 2009

October Hot Buys.

Well, as you know - I'm not a Superstar any longer, so I shouldn't be very excited about Hotbuys that are usally only for Superstars.

Eh, doesn't matter. I can still talk about the Hotbuys & my opinions. So, lets begin!

[ Click to enlarge? ]

So, I basically like everything. Cute cute. But, undies? Far fetched, eh?

Miss Sixty

Ok so first off - somethings wrong with blogger & it won't like, allow me to have line breaks or whatever. So, Blogger work with me PLEASE.

Anyway, Stardoll has a new shop called Miss Sixty, which I think is.. rather interesting. There's a couple of clothers that I like. There the 'floral' shorts, I think there high waisted, too. But, it'll look better with a plain, classic fitted white tank. And tuck it in & bam, a cute quick look. Very sexy & chic.

And, hm... I don't really like anything else. NO NO! The deep V neck playsuit is really cute. A bit revealing, but cute.

What do you like about Miss Sixty? I wanna know! :)

Bon Appetit!

Hey, guys, Zaria here! Guess what - there's a magazine coming to town, and baby it isn't no plain ole' model model fashion fashion magazine. Because, we all know there's a lot of those around, right?

It's going to be Stardoll's 1st ever gastronomy magazine. I'm excited to see, woot.
To check out the sites blog go to -
Or for the magazine website go to -

I'm excited to see what Ms. Brigitte & Theshinystar can whip up! ;)

Different Day, Different Medoll

This is probably the first time I tried some type of, shading? on my MeDoll.

I usally just went for the simple black, or black & white eyeliner & some long lashes. But not today, I felt different today! I saw this magazine & they had some colors on the eyes and I decided to follow that look.

First, I was going to try black, pink & white. But I decided to go with a soft green, white & black!
To top the look off, I added some pink lips & cute earrings & a nice broch - but wore it as a hairclip. Zaria - 10 You - 0! Lol, just joking. ButI just like this look, tomorrow I'll try purple or teal blue. Depends!

So, opinions?

Really, now?

Above, is todays covergirl.
Failllllllll x 10.
Did Stardoll REALLY just allow some cat eyed girl be covergirl? I'm speechless. I know - for sure - that there are prettier girls that had votes, too just like her. But, its whatever.
In other news, I'm looking for affiliates. I want to be in partnership with other blogs so both blogs can get views & such. I will be adding more graphics & all to the site in a few when I get the time. So if you want to be an affiliate, just contact me through p.m on Stardoll. And you or I can whip up a little graphic thing that people can click & be led to your site.
This is gonna be good.

Don't forget to post a comment & follow the blog! :)

Lucious New Lips!

Zaria here, and just telling you all some new stuff.

Mk, so I'm noticing this blog isn't so peppy, so that's why I want new writers! But now, I'll need to get StardollReport involved into this. I will be updating StardollReport & will be looking for, I don't know, correspondents! We'll see how this will be worked out. So, let me just cut to the main topic.

So, while tryingto give my Medoll a new edgy, glam look, I found some very interesting lips.

(The new lips are boxed!)

There kind of, flat & angry like -- but they do have a hint of gloss, which is always fabulous & cute! But, hey, not my thing.

If you can work them, I want to see! Because, I'm a very interested person.

So I will be looking for writers in my club & on StardollReport.

Leave a comment & give me some feedback! :)